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Confused about report levels

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MuffinsMummy Fri 16-Jul-10 21:28:57

I have spoken to DD1s teacher a few times this year about her work as she seems to be very behind in English and Maths according to her school reports.

I got told that she should be at 3c by now (end of year 3) but that in the SATs this year she only reached 2b for reading and Maths and she didnt even qualify to do the English paper! They let her do the year 2 English paper and she didnt even reach level 2.

To me that sounded like she was really behind and struggling a lot which got me worried. However I have spoken to a teaching assitant I know who said this wasnt much below what it should be.

Her teacher has said they will get her tested for Dyslexia but can someone please tell me if this is anything to worry about or not.


Littlefish Fri 16-Jul-10 22:50:27

2b is the expected level of achievement in Y2, so it sounds like your dd is approximately 1 year behind in reading and maths. I'm not sure which "English paper" you mean - possibly the reading comprehension. Do you know what level she was given in writing?

Does your dd have an IEP? (individual education programme) This would detail a few targets that she is working on, together with strategies to help her achieve them, how success will be measured, and over what timescale.

I suggest that you arrange to go and see her next teacher, early in the new term (give her a week or so to get settled in). Ask to meet the classteacher and the SENCO (special needs co-ordiantor) and find out what interventions are being put in place to help your daughter make progress.

Do you know what her KS1 (yr 2) teacher assessment results were? Has she made progress since Year 2?

RollaCoasta Fri 16-Jul-10 23:22:55

A teaching assistant should never comment on individual children. They should always direct you to the class teacher.

Ingles2 Fri 16-Jul-10 23:33:02

she's behind..., but not massively.
And it is definitely a point she can move on from with support.
Has your teacher talked to you about her difficulties this year? does she have an IEP? does she have extra help? Units of sound or springboard or fizzy?
Quite often yr 3 is a weird year, especially if they've moved from infants to junior.
you need to go into school now, make an appt to see either the head or the senco and ask what support is being put in place for your dd for Sept.
Do NOT wait until Sept and then let time slip by. Be proactive now... and it's not something to worry about, but now is the time to support your dd and make sure the school is doing the same

MuffinsMummy Fri 16-Jul-10 23:42:41

Actually I think the paper she didnt qualify for might have been writing I got a bit confused by it all blush

She is in the SEN register for being behind but not for a specific reason. They have mentioned a plan but the impression I got from her first teacher this year (she has had 3) was that she just didnt concentrate.

I have been told that for reading and Maths she has reached her target for the year based on where she was at the end of year 2 but is actually gone backwards with writing and is now at a lower level than she was then. Her 2nd teacher this year said that she thinks the year 2 result was prob a bit generous.

The teaching assistant I spoke to doesnt work at DD1s school she is actually a secondary school TA who has a DD a year older than my DD.

Thanks for replying

MuffinsMummy Fri 16-Jul-10 23:55:17

I spoke to her teacher at the beginning of the week and she said she would speak to the SEN co-ordinator. She came up to me yesterday and said that she now has forms to get her tested for Dyslexia (Me, my brother and my dad all have it to some extent) and they would come up with a learning plan at the beginning of next year.

I think what confused me was the first teacher pretty much brushed off my concerns and put it down to lack of concentration, when I said could it be Dyslexia she said well she isnt very good at Maths either as if to say you can only be Dyslexic if you are good at Maths hmm, but her 2nd teacher and the deputy head seemed to think it was more of an issue. Then I got told yesterday she isnt actually that far behind! I am easily confused grin

She gets extra help in class and is supposed to have help with phonics once a week but dont think that has happened for a while. She also sees a play theropist once a week but I think thats a seperate issue.

Littlefish Sat 17-Jul-10 14:10:57

I think what the teacher was trying to say (but badly) is that she isn't seeing a mismatch in your dd's abilities. ie. she is a little behind in all areas, rather than at an age appropriate level (or above) in some areas, but really struggling with others. This mismatch can be a marker for dyslexia, but not always.

The fact that she has made progress since year 2 is good. It shows that with the right support, she should be able to make even more progress.

Without wishing to be nosy, what does she see a play therapist for? Is it something that is likely to be impacting on her achievment and progress at school?

MuffinsMummy Sat 17-Jul-10 21:03:39

They told me she see a play theropist because she has issues with her relationship with her friends. Basically she is bossy and wants to control the games they play. Also she has had behaviour issues in school ranging from throwing tantrums to stealing from friends.

Thank you for the replies they have been helpful.

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