9 yr old DD skin - advice please

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Trekkerbabe Wed 26-May-21 13:57:12

My DDs skin is becoming spotty around her mouth, chin, nose and the T zone.
I've read posts on here about Cerave and Cetaphil and would be grateful for thoughts on the best cleanser to use and how to help her learn some good habits bearing in mind she is still young.
She also bites her nails and is a constant fidgeter so grubby hands in and around mouth area constantly isn't helping ... one area on left of her mouth is now infected as a result.
All advice welcome. Thanks.

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1000glitterydicks Wed 26-May-21 14:01:28

I would use a good quality cleanser (dermalogica for example) every morning and night with warm water.
I don't think you need harsh cleansers.
My step-daughter used dermalogica special cleansing gel at that age with good results.
Be gone from temple spa is a very gentle cleanser, it's expensive but you only need enough to cover one finger each time so our lasts a while.

howisyourcat Wed 26-May-21 14:08:42

I've had amazing results from this product https://www.freederm.co.uk/products/overnight-skin-repair

It feels very light once on and has really improved my skin. I don't know if it's advised for nine year olds although the reviews on Amazon say it's worked well for teenagers.

WaltzingToWalsingham Wed 26-May-21 14:20:05

Cetaphil seems to contain quite a few parabens, which have been linked to hormonal/endocrine problems in some studies.

Glitterblue Wed 26-May-21 23:43:15

The best thing we've found so far, after trying LOTS of cleansers etc is Asda tea tree foaming face wash at night in the shower, InaEssentials organic lavender water in the morning and a tiny bit of the Body Shop tea tree thing, I can't remember what it's called but it's in a thing like a lip gloss- I'll find you a link to it. Anyway, a tiny bit of that dabbed onto any spots. I started using that last night on DD's forehead, used it again this morning and by tonight, the spots were almost all gone, I was so shocked! She's had a whole load of really tiny ones all over her forehead for about the past 3 weeks that we've just not been able to get rid of until we used that Body Shop stuff.

Glitterblue Wed 26-May-21 23:45:10


There you go smile

Sydendad Wed 26-May-21 23:54:29

Skin problems often have a psychological origin. That together with nail biting and fidgeting would suggest to me she could benefit from some counseling. She may be struggling with some issues she feels incapable of talking about with anyone. This can create huge amounts of stress and stress brings on many skin conditions.
In terms of products I can recommend African black soap. At has done wonders for my own skin or otherwise just stop using any type of branded and perfumed products and switch to organic products only. Olive soap and organic moisturiser from Neal's and yard. Also as I have struggled with spots a lot I find that moisturising with an organic non perfumed cream prevents spots massively.please avoid any of those chemical products from the likes of jnj or Unilever or any medical creams they do lasting damage.


Trekkerbabe Thu 27-May-21 06:36:10

Thanks all. Am looking at what you've recommended as all really helpful. Have ordered the body shop tea tree already as looks amazing!

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mamawithfive Thu 27-May-21 12:29:03

My son started getting a few odd spots at 12 and has been using the dove beauty bar, morning and night and his skin has cleared completely. So quick and easy.

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