How long after discharge is first period?

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Firsttimeposter121 Tue 25-May-21 19:10:35

Just as it says in the title really. My daughter is 10.5years old and has been having discharge for about three months now. She also has breast buds. She starts year 6 in sept and I’m wondering if her first period is imminent?

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Thisisjaaam Tue 25-May-21 19:12:06

Not necessarily

Christmasfairy2020 Wed 26-May-21 20:00:00

My dd was same she is y7 soon and none.

LindaEllen Wed 26-May-21 20:10:19

I had it for two years before I started mine. There's not a rule really, it varies.

WorriedMillie Thu 27-May-21 06:34:27

I came to ask the same question, but thought I’d jump on this thread. DD is only 8 and has started getting discharge (no signs of infection). No other signs of puberty and she’s a skinny little thing. Everything I’ve read says first period will follow in 6-12months, which is slightly worrying as I don’t think she’s in any way ready (she’s a very young 8)
I’ve always believed that periods follow other signs of puberty/2 years approx after breast buds, etc. Are there exceptions?

I’ve also read that discharge can result from spikes in oestrogen at any age.

HopingForABetterYear Fri 04-Jun-21 07:14:57

My dd11 had this for quite a few months until she started her period. She's now had two periods.

CimCardashian Sun 06-Jun-21 23:27:47

My dd (13) has had it for ages,still no period and quite developed elsewhere.


MrsBungle Sun 06-Jun-21 23:30:35

My dd (just turning 12) has had this for a couple of years and still no period.

twinmummyplus5 Thu 17-Jun-21 10:01:26

My dd (13) had discharge for about a year before she started Jan this Yr at 12 . So could have a while yet , I would make sure she understands periods and maybe make a little bag up to put in school bag with pads spare undies and stuff

MonaChopsis Mon 28-Jun-21 14:26:26

About 11 months in our case (DD was yr 6 but quite tall/developed)

Pinkyxx Thu 08-Jul-21 23:04:03

My DD had discharge for about 2 years , as well as breast buds. Had her first bra about a year after discharge started then first period arrived a few weeks after she turned 12 following 6 months of growing at an astronomical rate. Her moods were probably the biggest hint it was on its way!

Just pop spare pants and sanitary towel in her bag having shown her what to do.

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