12 year old daughter

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Lallen81 Mon 24-May-21 20:04:34


My daughter is 12 and in year 8. She started a new secondary school last October, I had to pull her out of the school she started in yr 7 as something happened and she developed anxiety and school phobia.

I managed to get her into a new school last October (where lots if her old friends from primary were) and it all seemed to be going really well up until a few weeks ago. I started to notice a few warning signs and OCD tendencies creeping back in. She's now back to not going to school, temper tantrums, violent mood swings, lethargy, constant complaining of aches and pains and I just don't know what to do. It gets worse around her time of the month, could it be this? M ashamed to say sometimes I think she's making it all up just to get out of school, please help!!

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KangarooSally Thu 27-May-21 13:02:35

Have you taken her to a doctor? If she complains of aches and pains and panadol doesn't help then take her to a doctor. If the doctor says there's nothing wrong with her then she can go to school (if she is making it up). If there's something wrong then you can deal with it and she feels heard and that you're taking her complaints seriously.

CimCardashian Fri 11-Jun-21 19:52:52

Can you find her a counsellor? Cahms probably have a huge waiting list although her school pastoral team maybe able to help?

It’s extremely stressful 😞

BunnyRuddington Mon 14-Jun-21 22:29:54

That sounds so difficult. I agree with the pp though who said to get her checked by the GP thanks

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