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ElvenDreamer Sun 25-Apr-21 09:21:45

Hi mumsnetters, DD is 10, while she herself is still very much a little girl, lots of her friends are now shooting up and developing etc which makes me want to be mentally ready. She had a spot arrive yesterday which got me thinking about skin care, think this one was more because she's really lazy about actually washing properly, am on the case there, don't worry! But it occured to me I don't know what pre teens should take into account re skin care. Thinking a simple face cleansing wash and a light moisturizer? As a teen I had no advice, my mum was of the old shool 'use some soap' variety of advice. These days I personally use body shop tea tree wash and a vit e moisturizer but I don't know if with young skin given that is too much? Do they need anything other than water? I'm clueless! Any advice appreciated. Also deodorant thoughts, I make my own but she may or may not want that. As a family we are very let's make this as natural as possible etc so bonus points for natural, green and ethical answers. Thanks for listening 🙂

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ElvenDreamer Sun 25-Apr-21 21:21:48

Bumping in hope of traffic from evening browsers!

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NeverRTFT Sun 25-Apr-21 23:09:16

Body shop is good choice, popular with the kids and good advice in store.
DD likes Green People brand, it's available on Ocado.

ElvenDreamer Mon 26-Apr-21 12:42:42

Brilliant, thank you, hadn't heard of Green People so will definitely check that out, and asking in store for Body Shop recommendations does make sense, thanks again.

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Passthecake30 Tue 27-Apr-21 07:07:25

I have a 11&13 yr old that are very lazy when it comes to washing (they only seem to wash their face in the morning if they get food on it confused). They’ve had the occasional pimple so I’ve told them to use the blemish gel in the cupboard that has worked, they don’t need more than that atm. I have brought dd some face wash that is sitting unused in her cupboard. I think (hope!) as they get older and impacted by their peers their hygiene will improve. I guess I’m trying to say, don’t stress over it as it’ll come to them in their own time.

ElvenDreamer Thu 29-Apr-21 06:36:08

Thanks @Passthecake30 that's reassuring!

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