DS 11, socially awkward and feeling like the weird kid

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ScatteredMama82 Fri 12-Feb-21 00:57:56

Sorry, this will probably ramble a bit, but I can’t sleep and I want to put it into words. My DS1 is in yr 6, he has a couple of good friends in school and his ‘best’ mate is from another school (known each other since nursery). Generally he’s not great at making friends, he’s not good at talking to people and can sometime come across as a bit daft (making unfunny jokes at the wrong moments, that kind of thing). I think he’s quite immature emotionally, and he doesn’t pick up on sarcasm or little jibes/digs. There is a girl at school (the class queen bee) who has been teasing him a bit, and I think she is beginning to turn people against him. Even his ‘good’ friends have said some unkind things, ran away from him in the playground etc (this was before Christmas obviously). Now, at what point do I get involved? I was bullied at school and left out of many things, it was awful so I am aware I’m projecting my own experiences into him. Is this teasing and shifting of friendship groups normal? Ityaksi hard just now as I would normally try to help reinforce friendships by having people round etc but we can’t do that just now. He seems quite happy to be honest, before Christmas he might come home one day a bit sad about something that had been said/done, but the next day he’s off to school happy as Larry and they are all mates again. Am I worrying about nothing?

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BunnyRuddington Sun 14-Feb-21 10:58:48

If you think there is genuine bullying, have you addressed this with the school @ScatteredMama82?

OnlyTeaForMe Sun 14-Feb-21 11:03:50

How is he academically? Can he hold his own in a conversation, or does the 'banter' move too fast for him?

What you described in your post OP could've been written about my DS at the same age - even down to the 'queen bee' bullying. We later found out that he had dyslexia and particular problems processing things he heard (as opposed to saw) so found socialising and following conversations really hard.
He's now 18 and has found his 'tribe' and is really happy, but those late primary/ early secondary years were a struggle.

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