Need help for daughter self harm

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TDL2016 Fri 24-Apr-20 10:51:46

Have you asked her how she feels? What makes her feel angry, sad, emotional etc? And what makes her forget that attacking someone isn’t right, when she’s in “a mood”?

Liloandstitch Thu 23-Apr-20 21:02:39

So I need some advise. My daughter is year 6 and 11. During the last year her emotional outbursts have become more frequent and her temper out of control. She hits me and kicks me and today has also grabbed my hair when she was in a rage. She hit me last week after her phone was taken for bad behavior, she actually hurt my shoulder and she was really upset with herself after.
A few days later in another temper she told me and showed me she had self harmed after that incident as she felt so terrible about hurting me, so felt she needed to hurt herself.
She had never been an easy child and struggles with self esteem and friendships. I love my daughter to bits and have asked for a cahms referral however have been told this could take months. My daughter seems down and doesn't want to go out for walks and snaps over any comment I make.
I am a single mum and her dad and I separated when she was little, he was violent to me and has mental health issues. I'm so worried something is really wrong - what can I do mean while waiting for referral. I spend loads of time with her and tell her all the time how loved she is...

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