Daughter feeling sad

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kelstemialil1 Wed 08-Jan-20 17:18:14

My daughter is 13 in May and has told me on quite a few occasions now that she always feels sad. Iv asked her why and she just says everything. She often talks about feeling ugly, fat and that there is nothing nice about her. I tell her she’s beautiful but it falls on deaf ears.She has lots of friends at school and is busy out of school with friends and horses. She’s always invited round to friends for sleepovers etc and from the outside seems confident and happy. I’m not sure how worried I should be or who to turn to but feel very worried for her.

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Elmo311 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:47:18

Bump for you in hopes that others will be along to help.

Is she being bullied?

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 09-Jan-20 08:35:40

It's really good that you tell her how beautiful she is. Can I just ask how you talk about yourself? Do you do things like talk about how you need to lose weight?

Does she get plenty of exercise too? This can massively help with a low mood.

I would definitely try to get her done help OP. Maybe talk to the school or GP?

It might be worth having a read of the Disappearing Girl and this article on body image.

kelstemialil1 Thu 09-Jan-20 09:36:20

Hi, Body image is one of the many things that she feels sad about. She worries about school work, her sister moving away, things she hears on the news. She is a real worrier. She went through a stage of having really bad anxiety about 2 years ago and had a little bit of help from the school nurse. This sadness she can’t shake off has only been since Xmas. Pretty sure there’s no bullying at school. She talks to me a lot and tells me her worries but I just don’t know how else I can help. She does sports at school and 3 nights after school showjumps so is quite active.

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