DS age 11 and friends

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rainydogday Sat 16-Nov-19 09:24:26

DS is happy and confident and seems to have lots of friends at school. DD tells me that the boys all run around together and they don't really have set friends. DD is 13 and has lots of sleepovers mainly for birthdays. DS has had the odd friend over for tea but since Middleschool there is no interaction with the other parents and he doesn't seem to have any close friendships. He plays lots of group sports including the weekends. He is seems very happy so not sure why it's making me ask the question, but is normal for boys to not have such close friendships? I have asked if he would like a friend over for tea but he says no. He seems quite happy just chilling out with us!

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caravanette Sat 16-Nov-19 21:15:21

This imo is totally normal. My mum made the mistake of trying to force friendships which weren't genuine and it went horribly wrong - I lost confidence as felt I didn't have a voice

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