Should I tell the school?

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Anonanonanonanonanonanonanon Thu 07-Nov-19 17:10:49

Son (age 11 - year 7) . Started at a new school this term. In the first couple of weeks he got quite rattled by some behaviour from older boys on his bus (lots of swearing, that he's not used to, rude talk etc - nothing particularly awful but a lot of it was directed at trying to get him involved / embarrass him) so with his consent I emailed his form tutor to ask if there was anything he could do, and marvellously the boys in question were told to tone it down, and they did.

Looking back, I think I was struggling with him starting big school, and was as shocked as him at how badly behaved some of the older children would be, so I think that with hindsight I overreacted, and could have simply helped him deal with it.

Anyway, that's the background. Today he comes home and tells me his money has been stolen by some different older boys. He dropped it in the changing rooms, and they picked it up then pocketed it, refusing to give it back when he asked them. He begged me not to get the school involved. He doesn't know who the boys are, but there is CCTV in this particular area of the school, so presumably that could be checked to identify them.

It was less than £10 that I had given him for snacks this month (he generally takes some fruit from home but once a week buys a treat from the snack shop at school). He's accepted that he won't get any treats this month as I'm not replacing the money if he won't try to get it back.

Do you think I am right to honour his request not to tell the school? Should I encourage him to do so? Or should I drop the matter, and chalk it up to experience?

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