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Lushmetender Thu 15-Aug-19 12:33:55

I have 3 kids - all have their own issues. My eldest worries about death and what comes after (he’ll be 11 soon). My middle child claims she has no friends and that she sometimes feels the class would prefer she wasn’t part of it (she’s 9). And my youngest who is 7 has been referred to occupational therapist by the school due to worry behaviour. I don’t feel I know what to say and want them to be happy but don’t feel I can do all this without expert help. I sometimes feel my middle child needs to be referred to as she doesn’t really pick up social cues and has issues with food ie won’t try new things and has such a limited diet she’s constipated but says she’s ‘scared’ of trying new food. That with teenager Dom lurking I worry a lot. Anyone had similar issues and how did you overcome this?

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BabyST Tue 10-Sep-19 23:32:11

For your oldest - Death is part of life. Just say there is no point infesting it. It will all happen to us at some point and I believe everything happens for a reason. No body knowns what happens in "the after life"

Secondly have you spoken to the school? Should also speak to your GP potentially could get referred to CAMS for anxiety

IdblowJonSnow Tue 10-Sep-19 23:42:16

I sympathise op. No real words of wisdom, hopefully it's a phase but tough that they're all having a phase at the same time!
Could you approach their teachers? Maybe try to get some input for your child who doesn't get social cues?

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