Ear piercing - gun or needle?

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Leafy2018 Wed 07-Aug-19 09:20:03

My daughter is having her ears pierced for her birthday this month. I'm really keen for them to be done well. I've read about needles being better than ear piercing guns. Can anyone share their experiences with me please? She isn't keen on idea of needle but I'm not totally sure how much pain she would feel with this versus a piercing gun? Is it much more painful?

I have only just got some earrings at age 35 that haven't made the little lumps in my ears get all inflamed. I think you don't get the lumps with the needle as it cores out a sliver of skin as opposed to pushing the skin aside with a blunt earring.

Also - we are in Hampshire about 30 minutes south of Guildford. Any recommendations very welcome! Thank you.

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AnneOfCleavage Wed 07-Aug-19 09:43:41

My DD got hers done with the Studex system which is like a cross between a gun and needle and we got it done at a proper body piercing salon. She was 13.

We tried to get it done with a needle but they don't needle pierce under 16s there. DD's cousin got hers done with a needle and passed out but that's unusual.

Neither of them have had any issues with them apart from occasionally getting a bit crusty if earrings not changed for a long time etc. We were encouraged to use salt water to cleanse and leave earring well alone.

user1471530109 Wed 07-Aug-19 09:48:30

We went yesterday to a proper body piercing place. The chap had both options available and actually advises the gun as it was quicker for first timers. It looked v different to the guns I remember tbh.
He's done a great job. Spent ages checking they were symmetrical. This morning they aren't swollen or red and DD says they don't hurt at all. In fact, she reckons she couldn't feel anything after an hour.
She's almost 10 btw. Been nagging for a year. She was v nervous and he was fab with her. She is over the moon with them.

Fingers crossed the salt water works.

DumpTrump Wed 07-Aug-19 09:52:50

DD had her first done with a gun and her second with a needle. She said that she didn't really feel the needle at all.

pauline987 Thu 08-Aug-19 22:33:38

I'd say needle all the way!

DD has 2 holes in each lobe. 1st done by gun, 2nd done by needle.

Needle is less traumatic for the flesh, and it could just be one of those things, but DDs needle pierced holes healed so much quicker than the gun pierced ones.

I have helix, daith and tragus piercings all done by needle

Whatever you decide, go to a tattoo shop or similar (ie a proper piercer). Please don't go to Claire's

ohwhattodowithmylife Sat 10-Aug-19 11:25:13

My 9 year old got it done yesterday at a place local to us that everyone goes to round here.
It was a gun, over very quickly an DD was fine, no tears, didn't hurt.

Megggg Sat 10-Aug-19 11:39:58

A quick google brings up dozens of articles explaining why needles are better. It’s particularly important to never pierce anything other than lobes with a gun, but even with lobes needles are better.

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