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Sonia84 Wed 24-Jul-19 03:50:12

My son is 7 and very lonely. He is kind, sensitive, polite and generous, but he’s always struggled to make friends and summer holidays are breaking my heart. He’s desperate to go out and play and meet up with friends, but he just has nobody. There are a couple of people in his class who live near us but they a bit too rough and boisterous for him. They’re also prone to being quite mean to him so he’s given up trying to be friends with them. Our neighbour’s children have bullied him in the past. I’ve tried to arrange play dates with other parents, but everyone is working or on holiday. His only friend from school is ignoring his messages.
I feel so sad for him not being able to go out and play.
I was wondering if anyone is in a similar position? I’ve posted on the local thread to see if anyone near me would like to meet up but I don’t know if it will work.
Or if not, does anyone have suggestions? He’s too shy for sports clubs and things like that. His self esteem and confidence are so low. I just want him to have fun and be happy. All he wants are some friends.

Sorry for the sob story, I don’t know what else to do.

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dozy12345 Wed 24-Jul-19 04:42:56

My dc1 is the same, as was I - remember you can boost their self esteem, i make a point to tell them all the things they are good at on a daily basis before bed.

Sometimes it takes a while to find good friends - is your ds in a small primary? We’ve had the same issues with other kids being rough or unkind.

Do you have a library near you running events? That’s worth a try as a nice way to meet people. Have you done the 6 book reading challenge?

When things were especially bad with my dd I dd emphasised the friend issue and worked on her self esteem and being happy st home. Get yourselves lost in some fun projects.

I’m sorry I don’t have better answers - some kids just seem to click easily with others and some don’t, it will be ok though op. You need to distract him and build him up.

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