Concerned about 12 year old DS and his refusal to socialise

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Monr0e Sat 15-Jun-19 14:50:32

DS is 12 and in year 8. He really struggled in year 7, in a school where he knows very few others and it has taken him this long to start to settle and make friends.

He generally feels unpopular at school and apart from the few friends he has made he feels widely unliked. I'm not sure how true this is or if it is low self esteem on his part.

My worry is that he refuses all chances to socialise. When he is invited out he will always say no. He has been invited to a party next weekend but wont go. If friends are meeting up at the local park or going for a bike ride he won't go either, saying he prefers his own company and would rather be home.

I am getting really worried he is cutting himself off from the friends he has and they will stop inviting him. DH feels we should just leave him to it and that he will be fine. Just wondering of others experiences and if I'm being over dramatic. If it matters, he is one of the youngest in his year which is why DH thinks he is just a bit behind his peers emotionally.

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Smith888 Sat 06-Jul-19 20:17:08

Uh oh your description set off warning bells. Are you sure he's not being bullied?

drhilarybinns Mon 08-Jul-19 22:27:40

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

countryroadstakemeh0me Tue 09-Jul-19 21:11:05

Dr Hillary, honey, it's very fucking obvious you're shilling for this camp, you have been on nearly all threads I've been on with your 'three daughters'.

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