Dd, 10 hates her life and says she has no friends

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KateGrey Wed 27-Mar-19 14:10:35

I’m sure it’s par for the course but my 10 dd has become really really challenging. Lots of rudeness, shouting, stealing food and general unpleasantness towards me and her middle sibling. Both of her siblings have special needs and one attends the same school in the year below. Dd says she has no friends and everyone hates her. She does activities outside of school but doesn’t seem to have formed strong friendships and rarely gets invited on play dates and it’s tricky having children here because of her siblings. I’ve spoken to young carers but any advice how we can get her through this? School are aware of things at home but we have a very fraught relationship with them in general.

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Trixiepixie6 Mon 01-Apr-19 12:50:26

Sounds like she is really struggling poor thing. We have gone through hell and back with our 10 year old this year, he is currently doing Art therapy and after only 6 sessions the difference is amazing and he really enjoys it. This time 3 months ago he wouldn’t even engage with a therapist, we are going to continue on as he still has along way to go, he has very severe ocd and anxiety along with rudeness aggression and low self esteem. Would you think about something like that or maybe play therapy? If you do go down that route just make sure you get recommendations. I have an 11 yo dd she has also suffered as a result of this so I know it can’t be easy for your dd esp with 2 siblings with special needs and it’s impossible as a parent to spread your time evenly between everyone. Hope everything works out xx

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