12yo anxiety in high school

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PenguinPandas Wed 27-Feb-19 03:46:17

My DD went to a grammar last year only one from primary and local area. She didn't get invited back to anyone's house as too far away, became very unhappy. Did clubs which helped but still unhappy so changed her schools. She's got lots of friends now and very happy but academically its not as good. I would try clubs first and speak to school.

HennyPennyHorror Wed 27-Feb-19 03:05:07

You need to speak to the school. Without telling your son. Most schools have things in place to support this (surprisingly common) problem.

There should be some lunchtime clubs for children who don't make friends easily. Call or email his tutor group teacher or whoever's name you've been given for first point of contact.

browneyedlouve Wed 27-Feb-19 01:23:46

I am new here and thought I would seek advice from mums in a similar situation. My 12yr old son goes to a grammar school, he went as the only pupil from his primary school so didn't know anyone at all, scary enough going to a new school plus not having a single friend. Anyway, I have become really worried about him after finding out he would be on his own quite alot, for example at lunch time he said he would just walk about the school grounds on his own until the bell went😔he has befriended one boy but doesn't have much confidence when it comes to striking up a conversation etc he has vomited a couple of times in school from not being ill but I think down to anxiety, I am so worried that he wakes up every morning dreading going to school! I also feel guilty for sending him to a grammar school where none of his primary school classmates went, I also want him to have the best education as possible but also to enjoy school, I hate the thoughts of him being on his own everyday😥😥how can I help him to make friends, build his confidence and be more sociable?

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