11yo bday present ideas

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strangerthongs Sat 26-Jan-19 18:28:00

I have absolutely no idea what to get her.

She's getting an escape room party and a sleepover, with a takeaway for her and her friends

But I want to get her some small things as presents

She loves arts and crafts, and is slowly starting to show an interest in skin care, teen facials, nails and lipgloss. stationerty and lush. youtube and unicorns.

Any ideas from these interests

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 27-Jan-19 09:42:44

I've recently bought my 11 yo a set of skincare which she loves. I bought it in the Bodyshop sale so was half price and she was thrilled.

Lush bath bombs always go down well here too.

Is she into music? How about a CD or music for her device?

Does she read at all? Has she got a hobby you could buy her something for?

Did I mention Lush bath bombs? grin

singingismypassion Sun 27-Jan-19 09:47:39

Dermalogica do a fab teen range called Clear Start. I highly recommend it.
Lush bath bombs
Face and body glitter

reluctantbrit Sun 27-Jan-19 16:40:44

We have a salon that runs pre teen facials and make up lessons, the latter as in “how much is too much and how to avoid looking like you are 6 years older”. Maybe that could be something.

A fitness tracker? That was the hit in DD’s Year 7 form this Christmas.

A more grown up art kit if she like drawing? Introducing her to sewing?

Rockbird Sun 27-Jan-19 16:42:45

DD1 got heelys, Harry Potter everything, some light make up and books for her 11th birthday a couple of weeks ago. She got a Fitbit for Christmas which she loves and was a big hit with year 6.

messyhousetidymind Sun 27-Jan-19 16:45:56

Bear in mind she will probably get a load of bits like bath bombs from her friends!!

jjemimapuddleduck Sun 27-Jan-19 16:46:33

A Hogwarts letter!

messyhousetidymind Sun 27-Jan-19 16:49:02

An artist-quality set of colouring watercolour pencils? So much nicer than the cheap ones

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sun 27-Jan-19 16:51:17

Some nice pens and adult colouring books or pads and how to draw books. Dd1 got a kawaii one which she loves.

How about a calligraphy set? I had one when I was young and spent hours with it. Alternatively a crochet set, mini sewing kits - hobby craft are great for this.

Dd1 collects funko pop figures - she has Harry potter and various anime ones but they do loads of characters.

A nice fleece blanket - Primark and asda have lovely ones for about £6. Dd loves her pusheen and cat themed ones. Also cushions and teddies on her bed. (Mainly pusheen!)

strangerthongs Sun 27-Jan-19 17:06:22

She has a fleece blanket, calligraphy set, and a dermalogica skincare set. Lots of bath bombs too. Not into reading so no Harry Potter (despite my best efforts). She has watercolour pens and grown up art kits already from christmas time.. I can't see her being interested in a fitness tracker. I am truly stuck.

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nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sun 27-Jan-19 17:30:51

Oh dear it's hard when they have all they would like my dd is quite different she's a bit geeky and not girly but here's a few things she likes and would like.

Games - cluedo, game of life, payday, themed monopoly, exploding kittens, top trumps, pictionary.

Cake decorating - she loves the programmes and shown an interest in learning so maybe a turntable, tools, fondant, ingrediants and a beginner's guide book.

Nintendo DS and games (not small or cheap but maybe one bigger gift?) Can get quite reasonable second hand.

IPod and headphones? Or an alexa/blue tooth speaker for her room.

New backpack for school? Dd likes the hype ones.

Or vouchers for cinema/shops she likes.

nocutsnobuttsnococonuts Sun 27-Jan-19 17:33:32

Or a cheap version of the go pro camera? I got one from Amazon for my mum's fiance as he's into making videos. Was about £30. The make was cross tour.

Another hit with dd was a roll up drum kit with headphones smile

FrangipaniBlue Sun 27-Jan-19 17:44:11

DS turned 11 a couple of week back - we gave him money and took him to open his own bank account - he thought it was awesome, especially when the lady in the branch kept talking to him to get all the info instead of me, made him feel like a grown up grin

reluctantbrit Sun 27-Jan-19 17:56:11

How about an art workshop or going to a gallery/exhibition as a day out with some spending money for shops?

Books about art or artists? Maybe she is more into these than fiction.

strangerthongs Sun 27-Jan-19 18:09:16

she got art classes for xmas and board games. She has a bank account.

I do like the camera idea actually - perhaps something that she could like to her interest in youtube.

I don't know much about cameras though. Is the go pro not for like action shots - ski-ing, rollercoasters etc?

Any recommendations for a youtube video making one?

Gift vouchers are a good idea too.

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strangerthongs Sun 27-Jan-19 18:09:42

*link not like

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 27-Jan-19 21:05:23

No idea on the camera sorry OP but I can’t imagine a decent camera is going to fit into the “bits” category smile

strangerthongs Sun 27-Jan-19 21:39:03

lol was hoping for a good but cheapy one!

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MumUnderTheMoon Sun 27-Jan-19 22:13:47

My 11 yo recently got an iPhone but the sim is data only so she can play games, take photos, watch movies and listen to music but I don't have to worry about her talking to people on it. Would something like that do you can get quite good second hand ones online.

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