Birthday present for 8yo

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Smidge001 Sat 02-Jun-18 18:55:33

Walkie talkies

BikeRunSki Sat 02-Jun-18 18:52:36

For Lego baseboards, the Wilco ones are bigger and much, much cheaper than the Lego ones. I am
Normally a bit particular about genuine Lego, but the Wilco baseboards are fantastic.

tarheelbaby Sat 02-Jun-18 18:49:04

DD just turned 8. Her presents included:
a larger (but not brand new) bicycle
beach party lego set
ski chalet lego set
ski chalet concert lego set (bit too much lego for my liking)
unicorn writing paper set + pen and mini unicorn backback from WH Smith
Zhu Zhu hamsters - she LOVES these
Princess Poppy books
a kite
Boden ice lolly toweling dress
a light box
2 large lego bases (more useful than additional sets)
Hello Kitty pencil case set
Rapunzel t shirt
summer playsuit/onesie
spending money from various relatives including an amazon card
'A Galaxy of her Own' book

At Christmas, we gave her rollerskates and she has bead-o's/aquabeads.

VoiciLePort Mon 14-May-18 18:55:51

Oh my god, Lovefilm for Lego has to be the best thing I have heard about in a long time.

babybouncer Sat 12-May-18 10:50:21

Thanks! Might do the same this year too...

mammmamia Sat 12-May-18 10:41:21

Wow baby that is a brilliant idea!!

babybouncer Sat 12-May-18 10:34:59

I bought mine 6 months of ‘We Love Bricks’ - I’m sure there’s other versions too - which is a sort of LoveFilm for lego. You have a wish list and they send you a set, you build it, keep it as long as you want and when you send it back they sen you another up to 1 a month. Absolutely brilliant - like a present every month!


JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 11-May-18 18:10:30

My DD had Heeleys. She was quite into Aquabeads at that age too.

RoundaboutSnail Tue 08-May-18 17:24:44

Roller skates
Baking set and recipe book
Karaoke machine
Sewing/cross stitch
Painting by numbers
Colour your own bag/cushion
Board games

mocktales Mon 07-May-18 16:22:41

Ahh I can't think of anything for my dd. She's getting increasingly harder to buy for!! Any ideas?!
She's got a kindle fire and spends enough time on it already so don't want anymore "screens".

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