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When to give DD book about sex

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Fleetfox56 Sun 04-Feb-18 15:27:47

So I’ve bought a copy of the Let’s Talk about Sex book for DD1 who is almost 9. She’s pretty switched on for her age. Is this the right age to present her with the book and invite discussions? We have chatted about stuff before when it’s coming up and she has the Care and Keeping of You covering puberty/periods etc..
The book is very detailed and covers everything from sex, puberty, sexual health, gay relationships, stds, masturbation, online safety etc
Am I going to blow her mind/shatter her innocence or is this ok? I was given very little info when younger and feel it negatively impacted my development, particularly around puberty age and seeing sex as something embarrassing /shameful
Thoughts appreciated

Fleetfox56 Sun 04-Feb-18 15:28:57

Link to the book above

ViceAdmiralAmilynHoldo Sun 04-Feb-18 15:42:37

Give it to her now. You won't 'shatter her innocence'. She needs to know all this basic stuff before puberty and extreme embarrassment set in.

Jammycustard Sun 04-Feb-18 15:44:44

Sooner the better IMO. My 3 and 4 year old have a book about where babies come from. Never too early to be factual.

motortroll Sun 04-Feb-18 16:49:01

My kids know what sex is. They asked I told them. IMO if they’re old enough towing to know then you should tell them. The book will help it to be age appropriate language.

Fleetfox56 Mon 05-Feb-18 19:21:12

Thanks for your responses. First off she said she didn’t want it and gave it back! But then she saw some pictures of cartoon naked people and she is reading it! Hopefully it will be useful. Good point about catching them before they get too embarrassed I think.

mumzuki Tue 13-Feb-18 09:23:03

I found Your Daughter's Bedroom fascinating and helpful when thinking about this stuff... link below, in case you're interested.

NewYearNiki Tue 13-Feb-18 09:24:43

9 year olds already know what sex is.

All the kids in my class were telling sex jokes, at that age knowing what they meant. There was no internet then. Still we found out

malterbitty Tue 13-Feb-18 09:33:40

What book do you have for your 3/4 year olds?

ViceAdmiralAmilynHoldo Tue 13-Feb-18 10:08:25

Picture book for little ones.

redcollargirl Tue 13-Feb-18 10:16:18

I think children take on board what they are ready for at the time. I gave my daughter a similar book at about 8 yrs. When I first gave it to her, we discussed briefly but she didn’t say much. I left the book with her and over time (think months/years) , she’d ask the odd question here and there and clearly had been reading the book.

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