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anna38anna Mon 08-Jan-18 13:07:51

DS(12) moved to secondary in September and they wear the same uniform year round - shirt, tie and blazer with an optional grey jumper.

The man who owns the local uniform shop warned me the boys generally won't wear their jumpers in winter time. Understandably he wants to fit in, and DS is probably ok inside the building, but he's really freezing coming to and from school. He has a school coat (kindly passed down from a cousin who didnt wear it because, yes, it wasn't cool) but he won't wear that either.

Today I've convinced him to wear some of his rugby Under Armour base layer. They are a bit too high necked so not ideal. Have any of you used any others? He's rejecting the more traditional vests so I haven't bothered checking M&S, but if someone tells me where I can find ones I can pass off as more sporty options, I think that could work.

I might sound like a complete mother hen but there's a limit when every time he gets into the car his teeth are chattering.

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Caulk Mon 08-Jan-18 13:12:45

It’s normal here. There tends to be a change in about year 11 when they start wearing coats and jumpers but otherwise it’s just the blazer and shirt. How long is the walk?

CMOTDibbler Mon 08-Jan-18 13:18:06

He's 12. If he's cold, he can wear his coat or jumper. I'd leave him to it!

Thetreesareallgone Mon 08-Jan-18 13:19:51

My children won't wear their jumpers either! It must be a 'thing'. They don't have anywhere to store coats either so they end up being carried around. Weird, you'd think a jumper/blazer combo isn't that much un-cooler than just a blazer...

twinone Mon 08-Jan-18 13:21:35

Yep, no jumper no coat here.
It's just the way it seems to be confused

venys Mon 08-Jan-18 13:34:16

My 4 year old won't wear his jumper either so it's not a too cool for school thing here. I have bought some merino vests from Cambridge Baby - there are ones with short sleeves that he might think is better but it's not that cool looking

I tend to use merino for thermals, but that's my preference really. Although you are supposed to wash in normal wash, I find we get holes either from washing or moths. So I stick it on a lower spin. Just as a warning!!

BeachysFlipFlops Mon 08-Jan-18 15:45:32

Plain White T shirts as vests seem acceptable here.

I agree, the jumpers seem to go back on in Year 11 grin

crazycrofter Wed 31-Jan-18 15:52:48

Same here! It’s strange isn’t it? Especially when all the other boys in my son’s year seem to wear theirs! Last week I agreed to buy him a pair of Astro turf trainers he wanted if he wore his jumper all week - I thought he might realise how nice it is to be warm! He wore it all week but it’s come off again this week?!

AllButterShortbread Wed 31-Jan-18 16:07:37

Two lovely unworn jumpers in ds wardrobe here.

He will wear a coat though.

Rollergirl11 Thu 01-Feb-18 14:50:25

Same here. DD has an unworn brand new jumper sat in her wardrobe!

Coffecake99 Thu 15-Feb-18 11:42:29

Mine won't either 🤔

That1950sMum Thu 15-Feb-18 11:45:25

Yup, my 12 year old Ds is the same. No jumper or coat! I force him to have a cup of tea or hot choc as soon as he gets in. could you take a flask?

I feel your pain. Teenage boys are strange things!

EdithWeston Thu 15-Feb-18 11:45:26

Plain white Tshirt as vest - Asda sometimes do thermal ones.

Otherwise, accept that he has suitable garments available to wear if he wants. Your job is done. He'll sort out for himself how to balance fitting in with weather-protection.

Kenworthington Thu 15-Feb-18 11:59:28

My 15 yo ds won’t wear a jumper either. He wears under armour under his shirt. No blazer either. Ridiculous. And he cycles to and from school!

PoptartPoptart Thu 05-Apr-18 05:35:49

In really bitterly cold weather I insist on one or the other. It’s his choice which, jumper or a coat. But he doesn’t get to leave the house without one or the other.
It was -4 here a few weeks ago and he walks a good couple of miles to school and back. There’s no way he’s going out dressed in just a thin shirt and flimsy blazer.
He usually opts for the jumper as he can’t be bothered carrying the coat round all day at school (no locker or cloakroom).
It was a struggle at first but now he accepts it.
Sometimes as a parent I have to make unpopular choices for his own good.

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