How to dress an 11 year old boy

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Temporaryanonymity Thu 21-Dec-17 10:09:55

He doesn't like anything I buy for him but expresses no opinion on what he might like. I am sick of him looking scruffy in the only clothes he will wear; jogger shorts.

He is tall, big shoulders etc and wears an age 14/15 in next clothes. He hates anything I buy from there.

Where can I get him stuff? He can't do skinny jeans.

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MotherCupboard Thu 21-Dec-17 10:11:52

Have you ever taken him shopping to see what he'd like? Im not surprised he doesn't like next clothes. They're not very fashionable.

cece Thu 21-Dec-17 10:13:58

I agree take him shopping and let him choose. Next clothes not exactly cool for an 11 year old.

Happinessfinder Thu 21-Dec-17 10:14:23

Primark have a nice range of clothes for boys.

7to25 Thu 21-Dec-17 10:15:57

H+M are quite good for this age. Straight chinos?

SleepingStandingUp Thu 21-Dec-17 10:16:51

Take him shopping. Set a target - X no of trousers, X no of t-shirts etc. If its general clothes for out of school let him pick what he wants. If he wants jogger and t shirts is accept that's what he wants

strugglingtodomybest Thu 21-Dec-17 10:17:11

I've got the same problem. He only wants to wear his trackie bottoms because they're so comfortable. Funnily enough though, after a bit of a 'discussion' when he wanted to wear them to a friend's birthday meal, I managed to get him to wear a pair of Next jeans. Seeing as he wants to live in joggers, you can guess, MotherCupboard that he doesn't give a shit about fashion grin.

(Thank god)

paddlingwhenIshouldbeworking Thu 21-Dec-17 10:32:15

I have a clothes hating 13 year old DS. He would also wear nothing but stained old joggers left to his own devices.

Gap have a decent range of jeans for that age which aren't all skinny. DS has a couple of pairs of straight jeans in soft dark denim which he now lives in, since I have not replaced the joggers apart from the skinny sports type he uses for actual sports. I've stopped buying the kind that stretch and stretch and attract all manner of stains within an hour of being worn.

Then buy a couple of decent quality hoodies from somewhere and a selection of t shirts & long sleeved tops, plainish or striped but not novelty (unless he knows what he wants), and you're done.

My DS hates wearing shirts with buttons but can look perfectly nice in a pair of darkish jeans and a long sleeved top with a decent hoody slung on top. He doesn't attempt or even realise he looks 'nice', it simply all that's available to him!

DD, however.......I wish for simplicity of DS. There are simply not enough shops or clothes or clothese websites or mirrors in the world for her.

Temporaryanonymity Thu 21-Dec-17 11:01:37

Thanks for your comments. Shopping trips are a nightmare because he hates everything and won't choose anything. He grows like a weed so I have only bought next clothes out of desperation so he doesn't go to grandparents etc in clothes that are too small.

I cannot describe the tantrum that followed our last trip to H&M, txmaxx and zara.

The only thing he has ever liked is his football training top.

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Temporaryanonymity Thu 21-Dec-17 11:02:21

And we inexplicably live in the only city without a bloody Gap.

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WeatherDependent Thu 21-Dec-17 11:37:45

My 11 loves clothes, knows exactly what he wants/likes is a total dream!

My 13 year old however, bloody nightmare. Just not at all interested. So we went shopping, just me and him and lured him in with the promise of lunch wherever he liked. First hour was painful, horrendous and awful. I ended up with loads of stuff for me. But then he suddenly changed - think it was the thought of having to have another opinion on my newly selected outfit wink

I spent a blinking fortune the end he gave me a huge hug and said thank you and was I sure it was ok to spend all that money on him. He needs trainers now and is already planning where to go.

Basically I think it was the lure of food and pure boredom of having to help me.

Good luck wine

Temporaryanonymity Thu 21-Dec-17 11:46:29

I would happily spend money on his clothes. He chose a load from H&M and never wore them. They got passed to his younger brother at least.

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NeeChee Tue 02-Jan-18 22:45:12

DSS is 10 and all he will wear lately is football shorts, even when it is snowing outside.

ChoudeBruxelles Tue 02-Jan-18 22:48:11

Primary. Ds (11) is growing like a weed. Wears adult size small clothes. Would only ever wear tracky bottoms and hoodies given the chance. I only ever insist he wears something else if we are going out for a meal etc.

Battyoldbat Tue 02-Jan-18 22:51:16

My Ds likes stuff from outdoorsy type shops - mountain warehouse, saltrock, those types of things. He does wear jeans but tends to wear one pair until they are falling apart and have to be prised off him. He’s got some lined cargo type trousers he likes too (because he can fit loads of nerf darts in the pockets..), I think they were from mountain warehouse.

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