What do I do?

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FireandBrimstone Wed 13-Dec-17 21:43:24

Do you know who the boy is? There’s something odd sounding about him asking to ‘meet and kiss’ and keeping the relationship secret? (Because your daughter isn’t popular? I’d be encouraging your daughter to give him the elbow, big time. She’s worth it).
Sorry to maybe miss the point completely but I’d be less worried about her being sexually active (because the wording sounds a far way off that yet) and more worried to establish exactly who she’s having a ‘relationship’ with

user1484937392 Wed 22-Nov-17 23:31:33

DD is 12. Hasn't started her period yet but starting to act very sexually active.
Checked her phone 2 days ago.
Saw messages to a boy saying how they should meet and kiss.
Spoke to her about it and she said she wouldn't do it.
Checked her phone today.
Tomorrow they are going to meet up and proper kiss.
Their relationship is a secret (his wanting) as DD isn't the most popular at school. But DD will pretty much do anything he wants.
She's always so desperate for a BoyFriend.
What do I do?
We have tried talking to her but it pushes her further to wanting to do it.

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