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user1494283706 Fri 10-Nov-17 14:48:54

Hi everyone,
I am blessed with a very active four years old daughter who aspires to become a gymnast or ballet teacher.
She already attends Ballet and gymnastics sessions, since September 2016. However, the Ballet sessions she attends are very basics.
My daughter is very athletic and fearless. She has already impressed many of her Gymnastics instructors alongside out local Calisthenics athletes at our local outdoor gym.
I believe she means it when she says she wants to be a gymnast or a ballet teacher, therefore, to invest into her future career I am looking for a professional Ballet School near to Kennington SE11 London which provides sessions over the weekend and professional follow up to the dancers.
Can you help me to fulfil a little girl's dream?
I thank you in advance.
Best wishes to you all.

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AveEldon Fri 10-Nov-17 20:32:43


JaimesGoldenHand Fri 10-Nov-17 20:43:01

Try South London Dance Studios in Herne Hill.

taxi4ballet Fri 10-Nov-17 21:04:01

If you're aiming for the top then try these - English National Ballet School in Chelsea; the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) headquarters in Battersea; Russian Imperial Ballet School near Fulham Broadway; Natalia Kremen Ballet School in Chelsea; West London School of Dance in Shepherds Bush.

All highly regarded with excellent teachers and quality training.

user1494283706 Fri 10-Nov-17 21:26:44

Thank you, everyone! <3

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user1494283706 Mon 13-Nov-17 21:31:46

Thank you again. I have contacted the RAD in Battersea. My daughter is now on the waiting list then if she shows consistency, I will consider the English National Ballet School in Chelsea.
Thank you!

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