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Advice on pranking

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cupidstunt21 Mon 16-Oct-17 18:10:24

Help! DD (age 11) was on a trip when a group of her friends decided it would be funny to prank her. Water balloon in the bed which then burst and she thought she'd wet herself. One of the friends fessed up after some interrogation from her mum and apologised for being involved - the other kids have denied everything and having spoken to their parents they are sticking up for their kids (I get that). The thing is I am having a hard time being ok with these kids (not really wanting to have them round for plays and if I am honest feeling a bit disappointed in the parents) and I don't particularly want DD friends with either of them as I'm worried something similar will happen again. It's a close knit school and hard for her to actively avoid them without cutting herself out of a social group. Any advice or similar situations?

TempStamos Tue 17-Oct-17 10:02:39

Depends, is you DD always singled out as the target or is she sometimes involved in pranks on the others too? My 10 year old DD and her 3 best friends are always playing pranks on each other but it’s all innocent and funny rather than one child being picked on.

usainboltsleotard Tue 17-Oct-17 10:33:49

We have a rule that if you have to explain it was a 'joke' or a 'prank' it was probably just nasty and you need to apologise and reflect on your behaviour. This is after my brother hilariously put a pail of water over the bathroom door and nearly knocked me out then stood over me screaming 'prank prank!' As I lay dazed on the floor.

It doesn't sound like it was funny and if it was on a school trip I'd raise it with the teacher.

cupidstunt21 Tue 17-Oct-17 11:48:59

Tempstamos this is the first time there has been a prank so although she isn't constantly being singled out, she was on this occasion. One of the others involved was also part of a group that bullied her two years ago, she is a forgiving soul and ends up being friends with these kids even though they have not treated her well.

usianboltsleotard I am thinking about speaking to the teacher tbh. You're right, if it needs explaining then it's not funny.

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