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Which are good shops to buy clothes for larger DD age 12

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notafish Fri 22-Sep-17 19:14:14

DD is 12 and has grown out of her clothes over the summer - not just height-wise but width wise too.

Her body shape keeps changing but at the moment she is carrying fat around her stomach and hips which I guess might decrease when she has a proper growth spurt. However, even without the extra body fat, she's always had a larger build, with a wide pelvis and a high waist/short waist. A lot of clothes look ill-fitting on her. Jeans don't come up high enough, t-shirts stick on her hip bones instead of skimming them, that kind of thing. I think we'll now buy exclusively ladies clothes but where is good for buying clothes that aren't too long on her but are big enough for her. She's probably around a size 8. Also, what styles of clothes are good for this body shape and this age group - especially tops?

Cakescakescakes Fri 22-Sep-17 19:20:10

I have wide hips and am short in the body and topshop joni jeans are a great fit on me. They're stretchy skinnier and come in loads of finishes. A very forgiving fit.

Cakescakescakes Fri 22-Sep-17 19:21:08

They also come in a variety of leg lengths so you can get the fit around the waist but with a shorter leg if needed.

notafish Sat 23-Sep-17 16:44:53

Thanks - I'll try Top Shop for jeans. Anyone else?

Skyllo30 Sat 23-Sep-17 16:48:10

I got some great fitting high waist jeans in Matalan recently, fit quite like Topshop ones. They're very stretchy and comfortable.

How tall is she? If short anywhere with a petite range might work. I was a tall 11/12 year old so wore size 6/8 petite. Haven't grown much since, just out!

marcopront Sat 18-Nov-17 05:43:45

My daughter who sounds similar finds quite nice clothes in H and M.

OldWitch00 Sat 18-Nov-17 05:50:53

Could you become adept with a sewing machine and customize her clothing?

Rowgtfc72 Mon 18-Dec-17 20:30:25

Primark is your friend. Dd is 10, 5ft 4 and nine stone. Curvy. Primark do high waisted trousers and their adult clothes suit curves.
We also use tesco petit range as they are just smaller adult clothes.

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