Interfere with social life, or not?

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Mom2son Sun 03-Sep-17 00:29:29

Your DC clearly does know about it. I'm not sure what you mean? Your saying they said they know about it but also saying they didn't. Then they were also clearly asked as you witnessed. If the problem is that they were't personally asked directly could it be that the other child just assumed that your DC heard the conversation and would come, given that it's not a party it doesn't really require an invite. I wouldn't ask the parent anything I would tell my dc to go if they wanted to and not if they don't.

87patshad Thu 31-Aug-17 15:08:00

The classmate you bumped into was the one who arranged it? And they asked DC if they were coming along? So then DC must be invited hmm

Lemoncurd Wed 30-Aug-17 18:04:54

DC2 is just moving up to secondary school. At the start of the holidays a parent referenced a meet-up with the primary class in a public park being planned. My DC didn't really know anything about it.

Today we bumped into a classmate who asked DC2 if they were going to the meet-up, DC said "No".
When asked what this was, DC2 said they don't know about it (although they do know that all of their closest friends, who they have spent quite a bit of time with recently, and a number of others they have seen are going). I asked who they thought organised it and they said it was the classmate we bumped into today.

I'm assuming that most likely this was just organised on some class social media group that my DC isn't a part of. Obviously they wouldn't want to turn up somewhere uninvited though, and totally wouldn't expect to be invited to everything. DC2 doesn't want to ask anyone more about it for this reason.

Would you contact the mum of classmate seen today to ask if they knew anything about the meet-up? or just leave it?

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