DS11 suitable computer games advice please?

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Chiddles09 Tue 08-Aug-17 18:16:54

Apparently, I am one of only 3 mums who don't allow age inappropriate computer games.

I am trying to find some games that aren't 15 / 18 rated that he'll find fun - he definitely feels like he's too old for Lego games.

Any ideas?

Tia x

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gamerchick Tue 08-Aug-17 18:17:47

What platform is he on?

eyebrowsonfleek Tue 08-Aug-17 18:42:22

My son likes Roblox (pc) . There is online chat (which probably means it should be rated 12ish) but its mine craft style graphics so violence is cartoonish. He knows that I will block the site if he friends strangers. He generally plays with people from school (I hear them on FaceTime) and it's in a place where I can wander in and check his friends list etc

If you have a console let us know which one.

eyebrowsonfleek Tue 08-Aug-17 18:43:51

Ds is also hooked on Overwatch (rated 12) Its available on consoles and PC.

eyebrowsonfleek Tue 08-Aug-17 18:52:57

Just realized that my recommendations are shooters. What genre does he like? The new FIFA usually comes out end of September/early October.

Phosphorus Tue 08-Aug-17 18:56:36

I'd look at Common Sense Media's website.

My 13 year old plays 16+ games, Star Wars Battlefront etc. as it's only sci fi violence.

We regulate sexual content, and stuff like GTA.

sunnnydays Tue 08-Aug-17 19:13:27

I second roblox. Variety of games, virtual currency that costs money but it's not essential and a relatively good safechat. If you put his age as under 13, his chat will block out all numbers, some names and certain words so it would be impossible for him to give out info to a stranger! There is some violent games but as pp said it's very cartoonish and not gorey. My Dd(13) plays with her friends and by herself- she loves the more fashion-y games and some of the obstacle courses.

sunnnydays Tue 08-Aug-17 19:14:26

Forgot to add, it's available on Xbox, pc, tablet and mobile.

Chiddles09 Tue 08-Aug-17 19:58:11

Thank you all for your comments - I have to admit that he can access a laptop, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3 and PS4 (his dad, stepdad and uncle are all into gaming!)!!

He did play a bit of Roblox but didn't really get into it. His most recent obsessions have been eurotruck simulator and SIMS, but they're boring now apparently.

TBH, I think he's upset that his friends are playing other games on Xbox live that he can't join. I am definitely not allowing COD or similar, although common sense media sounds useful and I think he would love Star Wars Battlefront if I said he could have it.

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Chiddles09 Tue 08-Aug-17 20:03:23

He seems quite keen on Overwatch...

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Flowersandfootballs Tue 08-Aug-17 20:07:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crazycrofter Wed 09-Aug-17 09:00:53

My son absolutely loves Overwatch so I'd suggest that one.

crazycrofter Wed 09-Aug-17 09:03:21

Also Star Wars Battlefront and Rocket League.

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 09-Aug-17 09:08:09

My 12 yr old is really into Rocket league and Roblox, I'm one of these awfully mean mothers that won't let him play COD or GTA, Gears of War type games, although exp does so he's waaaay cooler than me.i do check games first though and make an assessment based on what it involves, cartoony or sci-fi violence I tend to allow but games that are more real I won't.

Chiddles09 Thu 10-Aug-17 11:20:50

I'm glad I'm not the only mean parent! grin

He is having a go at Ovewatch and seems pretty happy for now - we need to persuade his friends to play it with him now!

Rocket league looks good too - we will have a look next.

Thank you for all your comments and help

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