Will it get better, or shall I book myself into Teen Mum Rehab? [smile]

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happystory Wed 16-Aug-17 17:14:35

It won't get better for quite some time sorry grin

GuestWW Wed 16-Aug-17 17:03:39

I cannot help but send my sympathy...mine are still a bit younger.

Ange1966 Tue 08-Aug-17 15:46:07

12 years and 7 month old Daughter, who acts like she is our Parent!!!

At my Wits end, our quiet, polite, helpful little Girl has turned into......shall we say " Horrid Henrietta", " The Monster from Hell", it has been 6 months now, Her mood changes within a nano second from nice to Possessed!
Her Phone has been taken off her for weeks on end, I think it wants to stay in the Drawer as it isn't overheating any more smile
No TV, no Pocket Money, no Privileges, no NOTHING

Today she threw a tantrum in the Pet Shop ( Hello how old are you Girl) because we said she couldn't have a Fish Tank.
She argued with us for nearly 2 hours, finally stopped when eating lunch.
Shrugs her Shoulder and says "I don't care" 99 times a Day.
I am not allowed to see her in her underwear, she tells me it is extremely Inappropriate. The list goes on and on, HELP!!
Am I the only one??? All my Friends daughters seem much nicer, or maybe they are not telling me the Whole Story!!!

Look forward to hearing from people

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