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10 year old is so down

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Welshy123 Mon 22-May-17 14:27:38

Hi my daughter has said numerous times she doesn't feel herself, she said she feels down a lot and hates school. I know alot of kids hate school but she has always been a happy outgoing girl and she's doing a complete 180 and is very down a lot. I've spoken to teachers and they are helping her a lot at school. Is anyone else going through this as it's tearing my heart out to see her like this and I want to help her.

elektrawoman Wed 24-May-17 14:57:26

Sorry no advice but I am having a similar issue with DD 11.
In our case I think it's to do with self-esteem - not feeling like she is 'cool', saying that other children think she is weird, feeling like an outsider - and also friendship issues - girls can be mean! It's so sad because she has always been so lively and fun-loving, and she says she can't be herself any more. She still goes to school OK because she is pretty sensible, but I get tell she is starting to dread going.
If anyone has any advice or can suggest any books we can read about it I would appreciate it too! Sorry to jump onto your post.

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