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Emotional 9.5 year old DD

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MrsAlwaysRight Sat 22-Apr-17 18:26:58

My DD seems to be getting more and more emotional. She frequently says she feels sad but doesn't know why and is very teary a lot of the time.

She's not showing any signs of puberty yet but I wondered if anyone else has had similar experiences with their daughters? I'm wondering if it is the start of hormones or whether there could be more to it.


silver1977 Sat 22-Apr-17 18:32:54

Yes my daughter is like this, just turned 9. She cries over small things, not getting her own way, everyone at school 'upsets' her...its exhausting isn't it! I'm not sure if its hormones (I've heard people say year 4 at school is a classic time for this?) or something more, I worry she is getting depressed, I didn't even know you could say that about children, I had never heard of such a thing but apparently unfortunately lots do suffer from it. I am going to be taking her to the doctor soon, I have been hoping she would 'snap out of it'! Sorry I cant be much help but you are not alone.

MrsAlwaysRight Sat 22-Apr-17 18:45:03

silver1977 thanks for your reply. It is exhausting, whatever I try to do to help doesn't make any difference. It's really hard when you can't seem to help.

I do have the thought of depression in the back of my mind as DH has quite a few close family members with depression but hoping it's​ more hormone related

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