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Periods - Please, let's help!

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annhar79 Tue 11-Apr-17 16:49:35

Hi All,

Today, I heard about a 13yr old girl who ended up in hospital because she used socks for her period - she couldn't afford sanitary products. This is not acceptable in the UK, but it's happening and it's happening in 2017.

Please can you sign this petition to eradicate period poverty from schools. Sanitary provision is NOT a luxury, and periods are not a choice.

It's just totally, totally wrong!!!

This petition to provide free sanitary products to girls from low income families was started by a 17yr old girl.

We should support her will to help other schoolgirls! It only takes 15 seconds to sign, I know because I just did it. Please share so we can change this appalling situation.

I'm sharing with everyone I know.

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