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What's normal?

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Crusoe Tue 28-Mar-17 10:52:45

Sorry I can't think of a better subject header.
I have a 9, nearly 10 year old. He does have some additional needs but is also highly able.
If you asked your 9 year old to make their own bed everyday could they do it? Would they remember to do it? Would they do a decent job?
I don't ask much of DS in the way of chores but do ask him to make his own bed. Basically this is pulling the duvet straight, tucking pj's under the pillow, putting a couple of soft toys neat and folding a fluffy blanket. All to be done before we set off for school.
We run into constant problems with this. He either does nothing, does half a job or on rare occasions does it brilliantly. I just feel at nearly 10 he should be able to do this without me nagging but may be I am asking too much.
Looking for some bench marks here.

taptonaria27 Tue 28-Mar-17 22:21:16

My 9 and 12 yr old both could and should but never do it without reminding.
I'm still working on their lights off and curtains open!

Crusoe Wed 29-Mar-17 13:18:48

Not just us then!

DubiousCredentials Wed 29-Mar-17 13:21:20

My 8 and 10yr olds are perfectly capable of doing this to a good standard. However neither of them will without me telling them every morning and them moaning about it.

Pretty normal imo.

whatdoyouwant Wed 29-Mar-17 13:22:18

Mine of similar ages will do it no problem but 9 times out of 10 need reminding, sometimes more than once!

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 29-Mar-17 14:31:16

I work in a boarding school with children from year 3 up. All have no problem making their bed each morning. They also strip and remake their beds on laundry day. Only the yr 3's need a bit of help putting the duvet in its cover.

Crusoe Wed 29-Mar-17 15:49:54

So it sounds like having to be constantly reminded is pretty normal then. Problem is I hate having to remind him and he hates being reminded!

TeenAndTween Fri 31-Mar-17 15:56:20

Maybe he doesn't see it as important enough to bother to remember?

I think either he needs something important linked to it (eg TV time)
or you decide actually having a made bed isn't really necessary and you find another more useful job for him to do.

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