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10 year old boy help.

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Rhiddyn Sat 18-Mar-17 20:26:43

Evening all looking for some advice as i dont know what to do any more. My 10 year olds sons attitude has become worse and worse as yime has gone by i feels he is getting confused with him self he has started saying that he wants to be a girl we have tried to explain to him about the difference beetween boys and girls but nothing seems to be helping it started with his wanting to were his mums shoes when he was about 7-8 he has girls who are his friends and an older sister when we asked him why he wanted to were the shoes he just said he liked the noise so we expected that it was a phase that he was going through that we expected to pass but it doesnt seem like it is even to the point that he told one of his friends in school that he wanted to be a girl but she told the class and made fun of him its heart braking to know they did this as he has got older he tends to watch girly teenage tv programes and so on i spoke to him about it and it seemed to me that he was attention seeking but i dont know any more and am at my wits end with what to do just looking for any advice

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