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managing a furious defiant large ten year old

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ponzusoup Tue 14-Mar-17 14:58:10

DD lovely and kind also history of tantrums and defiance, some anxiety and sleep issues we have worked on successfully.

history of friendship trouble at primary being left out, shy about making friends, then intensive friendships leave her feeling let down when others would let it go.

moved house two years ago to get more space less debt and also managed to get near a great secondary school where she has been allocated a place.

Almost all her year 6 peers going to a different local comp and she is gutted which I understand. cant make plans with them, amplifies her feeling different and left out. current friendship group very unreliable always falling out and getting upset with each other.

has started being so rude and aggressive at home. we have seen this before but she is big and strong now. Is physically intimidating her younger sibling. refusing to talk about it just angry and aggressive.

advice welcome please. I have tried good and bad cop as has my DP nothing seeming to work. accept it is early days and can see her point of view but difficult to deal with when she wont talk about it. Need some strategies to deal with this behaviour as feel so sorry for her but cannot let his rudeness go unchallenged.

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