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Zero concentration

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user1486036034 Thu 09-Mar-17 15:31:42

Hi, does anyone have any advice/tips to get an 8yo to be a bit more engaged? Our 8yo needs constant entertaining/is quite demanding, wants us to play games with her (which we really don't mind doing as it gives us something to do) but during the game she will go off and climb over the furniture, have a little gymnastics session in the middle of the room, watch TV, especially if she is not winning, which she does not like at all - we have to constantly tell her it is her turn/where we are at with the game/which order we are going in etc. etc. Is there any "secrets" that you use to get your children to concentrate

citychick Sat 11-Mar-17 03:55:20

we put a timer on . so play for 15 mins break for 5.
our ds is fine with games but homework we use a timer
there is such a thing as the pomodoro system. there is a website it uses the tomato shaped timers.

also i find setting a finishing time helps . so they have a start and stop. helps them to schedule a bit better .

good luck

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