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ToDuk Fri 13-Jan-17 23:06:44

Thanks for the replying. I don't know what the shorts thing was really about... you could bary see any mud on them.

He's generally very well behaved in school and gets on well. However all through school there have been times when he has totally overreacted to something and ended up hysterical for what seems like something pretty small. I was even called in a couple of times when they couldn't calm him down. I have talked lots with the teacher each year. His current teacher says he's fine but does have the odd overreaction. He just seems to be very highly strung.

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VintagePerfumista Fri 13-Jan-17 06:30:44

Was maybe the shorts thing because he thought he would be in trouble if he had dirty PE kit?

How does he behave in school? What do his teachers say?

(ie is he just "tantrumming" to get his own way at home, or does this go on at school as well- if it does, then I'd imagine by this age the school will have picked up on it and be working with you towards helping him not to be so sensitive, if not, then he's playing you to get his own way)

I'd dig a bit deeper about the things with friends as well- especially if his sensitivity is worse as he gets older, not better. Make sure there's no low-level bullying going on.

Ask school what the situation generally is first, I'd say.

ToDuk Thu 12-Jan-17 08:10:06

My ds has always been very sensitive and at times I've briefly looked at info about highly sensitive children but have basically muddled through. Now that he also seems to be hurtling towards his teens it is becoming unbearable. He is so dramatic about everything and each morning we seem to have some disaster which brings him down. Today's was that there was a bit of mud on his PE shorts after yesterday and I said I couldn't wash and dry them in 45 minutes. He then found another pair and all was well but before finding them there was much weeping and wailing. Some things are happenny amongst friends at school that I can see are more upsetting but not the end of the world, and he still has good friends. But he always has been so sensitive to everything and tight now I feel like I am struggling to cope with it. I end up going to work feeling all churned up and emotional. We do try to get everything in place the night before to alleviate stress but there's always something to stress about.
It isn't only the mornings either. He genuinely does seem to feel things so deeply, whether that's a happy feeling, an upset one, or just some item of clothing not feeling quite right.
I searched highly sensitive children on here but the first posts I found all seemed to be about much younger children.
I guess I'm looking for other people who've been in the same boat and some tips maybe on how to handle it all.

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