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10 year old terrible worrier /panic

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outerlevels Wed 11-Jan-17 14:35:53

My middle daughter seems to have panic attacks almost daily usually for the smallest thing. She will worry about being late for school, getting a sum wrong in maths, wearing the wrong socks etc. it manifests itself with her manically crying, saying she has headaches, staying up for hours worrying, too scared to go to school etc.

She is also a very affected middle child and feels very hard done by on the attention front especially by her younger brother. She also has an older sister.
Apart from that she is a very happy, normal confident girl very sociable lots of friends, doing v well at school and has a happy home life.

I was wondering if taking her to see a child psychologist to talk to would help?

Does anyone know of a good one in the NW London area? I looked at the general website but its hard to know which to choose as there is no recommendations?

Thanks for your help. Girls are so hard sometimes and I came from a family with 3 brothers!

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