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How to teach privacy to a young preteen

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FrustratedSycamorePants Fri 06-Jan-17 17:26:47

After a bit of advice on how to teach an emotionally immature pubescent (precocious puberty) 8yo that private parts are private and not for showing others,
whilst at the same time not making her see her development as a negative thing, she is currently quite pleased with "growing up", and I don't want her for feel ashamed of that.
But equally I don't want her inadvertently putting herself at risk.

She has limited concepts of personal space already, she is a young 8, and has only just started shutting the bathroom door when she goes to the toilet. She still needs a lot of help with personal care (e.g. bathing, dressing)
Limited language and SN are at play here too.

esiotrot2015 Fri 06-Jan-17 17:28:38

Why have you crossed out the last sentence which seems to be the most important one ?
I'd just keep repeating we don't do that tbh

Frusso Fri 06-Jan-17 17:38:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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