After-shave recommendations for 13 year old son

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Kaybush Fri 25-Nov-16 23:04:40

Not that he's shaving yet! My son keeps using my Chanel perfume because it 'smells nice'! We're going to buy him his own for Christmas (whether he likes it or not!). Can anyone recommend a decent after-shave that maybe their own teenage son really liked, that doesn't cost a fortune. My son is quite macho and athletic, but super vain at this age....I blame it on peer pressure!

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ClarissaDarling Fri 25-Nov-16 23:05:45

At 13/14 my 'boyfriend' wore Davidoff cool waters... Wonder if they still make it!

ClarissaDarling Fri 25-Nov-16 23:06:11

That is about 14 years ago though!!

Chemistria Fri 25-Nov-16 23:07:55

Yeah they do make cool water still :-)

Do you know what I think is a fairly young ish male aftershave which is bloody gorgeous - "Joop" in the dark blue bottle.

Might be called Joop Jump but it's a dark blue bottle anyway, would definitely recommend it as its not too mature

crunched Fri 25-Nov-16 23:13:33

Abercrombie & Fitch 'Fierce' is highly sort after by the teenage boys I come across.

redannie118 Fri 25-Nov-16 23:18:37

My 14 year old loves the super dry aftershave. Bench is also nice

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Fri 25-Nov-16 23:23:29

Our 14yo (now16) has always liked one of the Gillette aftershave balms, I don't remember which one, because dh always buys it, but it really smells nice. Manly, but quite mild IMO.

(So weird when your soft-skinned boy smells manly confusedgrin)

Kaybush Tue 29-Nov-16 12:49:12

Thanks very much for all your advice! My husband will be marching him to Boots this weekend (he won't go with me…)!

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notagiraffe Tue 29-Nov-16 12:51:11

Socal from Hollister is lovely and smells light and fresh. It's a bit more expensive than their other body sprays for men, but doesn't smell like Lynx, which makes it worth every penny.

Kaybush Tue 29-Nov-16 16:24:08

Ooh - I like the sound of that one. Do you buy it from the actual shop or do department stores like Boots do it too?

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notagiraffe Tue 29-Nov-16 21:30:38

I've only seen it in Hollister.

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