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Anxious and sad 11 year old

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grubblyplank Thu 03-Nov-16 13:51:51

DD started high school in September and seemed to settle in well at first. She had a wobble at the end of September which was difficult to deal with. She said she was sad and didn't understand why, with bouts of crying and what I can describe as melancholy - we helped her through this and all seemed ok.

Half term has just finished and she has reverted back to this state again and I'm driving myself mad trying to think what is happening with her and trying to help her through it. Maybe it's coincidence that there is four weeks exactly between her behaviour deteriorating again. I'm clutching at straws a little and thinking that this could be hormonal and that the timing is significant in that way, but I'm not sure how else I can help her. She hasn't started her periods just yet but all the signs are there (breast buds, pimples, pubic hair and discharge) but nothing regular and I'm wondering whether this is her body gearing up for that?

She doesn't always speak about these things despite our encouragement to do so and so its hard to gauge her mood all the time - I never know which daughter I am going home to!

She is thriving at school, has a good group of friends and when she talks about it, seems to be really happy, but all the while, I'm wondering whether this is all for our benefit, when she is really struggling? She tends to over think everything and gets bogged down with small details of the things going on around her.

Can anyone else offer any thoughts/advice - it would be much appreciated.

PinkfluffySlippers63 Sun 13-Nov-16 20:19:19

Hi - It probably is related to hormones . Perhaps you could you speak to her class teacher who may say that other girls in her class are going through the same which might allay your concerns. Hope things getting better soon.

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