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DD constantly getting into trouble at school and rude at home

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lillian1969 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:07:47

Wander if anyone can give me some advice, DD is 11 years old and has recently started her periods, she has always been a little difficult and seems to have a phobia of most foods but especially anything soft or with sauce on, she recently started a new high school and is really not settling in at all we did have some minor problems with her towards the end of junior school, but since starting High school a month ago she has become a demon child, the school is very strict and she has had almost daily detentions for speaking while in the queue and on her way to lessons as this is not allowed, she is also constantly being removed from lessons for being disrespectful and disruptive, she says she hates her school and has issues with not being able to eat all day as she wont try the food, school rules state that the children are not allowed to bring food into school and the whole school meal thing is family dining and they basically eat one of two meals on offer, I have spoken to the school on several occasions about her problem with food but they put it down to an attention thing, today she was sent home from school for shouting out in class, we received a call to say they could not cope with her and to collect her and have not spoken to or heard from the school since collecting her from reception area, we have not been given a full explanation of why they needed to exclude her from school and the only information we have is what dd has told us, the school is a free school so have they're own rules and the day is quite a long one 8-4.30 but most days she doesn't finish until 5 or 5.30 because of detention, she is repeatedly in tears and says she hates her new school and says she has no friends as nobody 'gets her'.. really at my wits end and not sure where to go from here any advice would be greatly appreciated

NattyTile Mon 17-Oct-16 20:25:39

So she's out of the house from 8 til 6 potentially with no food at all? And expected to queue in silence every day for a meal she won't eat? And their solution is to exclude her without giving you an explanation or looking into ways of helping her?

Any other schools locally?

lillian1969 Mon 17-Oct-16 21:09:10

we had a meeting last week and they suggested CAHMS to help her but DD totally freaked out and said she didn't want to talk to them and that she did not have any mental health issues, she is a bright young lady and read the top of the referral form when it was presented to us and made her own mind up that they were not for her, I must admit I am starting to question whether the school is partly at fault . I know DD is no angel and does have attitude issues but thought they were mainly down to puberty tbh but am not happy at all with not being contacted by the school today have been sat by the phone all afternoon and evening hoping I would get some sort of explanation as the information given to me by DD I don't think should warrant being excluded, am not even sure whether she needs to go in tomorrow or not.

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