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Backpack for secondary school

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hillyhilly Sun 14-Aug-16 21:47:56

Anyone have advice on which brands are most popular or where's best place to buy please?
DD fancies Superdry - rather than Decathlon which has always been good enough til now!

dementedpixie Sun 14-Aug-16 21:50:09

Just get her what she likes the look of. My Dd has a Kipling one from last year that is still in good condition

barefootbird Wed 17-Aug-16 08:13:28

Surfdome always have loads, DD's came from there.

babynugget Wed 17-Aug-16 08:17:23

The superdry and Vans ones seem quite popular and come in loads of designs so hopefully can avoid having the same as everyone else. I can't remember which we went for but it has lasted well and DSD didn't want it replaced for going back this term. As pp said Surfdome have the best selection I could find online.

curlywillow Wed 17-Aug-16 08:18:44

There was a thread on here recently and the general consensus was that Hype was very popular.

Lilyray89 Thu 18-Aug-16 13:28:21

There was a thread like this a few weeks
If she wants superdry get it-they are very good quality and loads of kids have them here,probally the most popular brands
Quite a few also have vans and some sports ones like Nike.
There's not many hype bags near me but loads of kid seems to like them apparrntly.

JustDanceAddict Sat 20-Aug-16 17:29:39

Mine have Vans ones.

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