2 children, one baby, wtf to do?

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CookieTin Thu 28-Jul-16 11:12:24

Have always enjoyed holidays with DAs (7 and 9) and love playing with 10moold DS, but can think of nothing to do together. Baby eats craft, board games, needs attention, boys get on with stuff but never see them unless we all cuddle up with a book when baby asleep. Baby sleeps during day only if cuddled. Feel I'm losing my kids. Any suggestions?

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daverave Tue 16-Aug-16 02:23:35

Hey u chin up your doing grate ! Take it from me 5 kids an still breathing (just) finding things to do with the kids is hard especially at different ages, I found rotating days son one child gets to pick a activities but explain about the little one, spend lots of time out the house walks bike rides drive out a bit of rain killed no one. As tight as this sounds put the baby down for a sleep and walk away cudles are nice but its a rod for your back later on ... Above all ur doing good so chill and enjoy the rabble

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