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Is this what having a teenager like?

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allthingsred Mon 04-Jul-16 20:45:39

In the past 2 months or so my eldest dd seems to have had a complete personality transplant.
She has gone from being so lovely & sweet. To having an attitude completely disrespectful & spoilt.
Today after school she decided to go to her friends house after school.
I arrive to pick her up from after school club, she's not there not turned up. After me & school ring everyone we can think of. Her dad leaves work to come help us look I get a message from her friends mum saying she was there.
My dd attitude...' sorry mum, but this is why I should buy her a phone... '(she's had 3 in last year & broke 2 lost 1)
She can be so mean to her siblings one minute then so loving the next.
I have to ask her things about 50 times then I get rolled eyes an omg before she'll do it. This us stuff for her like homework or go get in shower, or tidy your room..she is such a lovely kind girl. At school constantly tries her best, great grades is popular. Just at home I miss having fun easy laughs with her.
I'm looking for a parent class to help me communicate better at the moment with her. & I suppose this is just me venting.
Guess my question is, is this how it's really gonna be for the next 6 years? How do people get through it.

BackforGood Mon 04-Jul-16 22:45:48

Some of it can be, but certainly not leaving school when she should be in after school club shock. Did the staff not start to look for her / contact you when she wasn't there at the end of the school day ? hmm I'd want to know why not, if that was the case. I'd also want to know what the other parent thought (s)he was doing taking a dc home from school that hadn't been arranged previously !

My teens are lovely. If you go over to the teens board, there are regular threads about how lovely peoples teens re.
they are just like Primary school kids, or toddlers or babies... some are lovely, some are more challenging.

baking4life Tue 05-Jul-16 16:44:49

Well I'm afraid many teenagers are like this but when your child doesn't tell you where there going there it can be very scary! You could explain this to her and if she does it again take away any gadgets or ring the school and ask for them to give her a detention they will my friend did it when her DD was acting spoilt. star

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