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school anxiety

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francis15 Mon 04-Jul-16 10:19:23

My previous thread I was asking for advice to do with "puberty" as our 10 year old daughter was moody but very emotional and upset especially when she goes to school in the morning.Sobbing this morning.shock.Shes not getting bullied and it's not THAT school but school in general.She has always been a bit shy bailout the past 3 weeks she has been really down in the dumps about going to school.She had some friends over for a sleepover the other night and although she enjoyed it there was a couple of occasions where she got a bit overwhelmed by it all and got tearful.Prior to getting upset she ALWAYS complains her tummy hurts.She eats ok.Not so much in the morning when she's upset about going to school although she's never eaten a big breakfast anyway and when at school she eats ok most of the time.Eats loads at tea time.Anyone else had this?

t875 Sat 30-Jul-16 17:41:21

And she's not worried atall about anything at school? Is there a subject age is struggling with?

This also could be very much puberty related. My dd was 11 I was actually 10 and a half so there is a chance. For her to be starting that side of things not necessarily bleeding which I know I wouldn't have wanted for my girls at 10.
Hope she gets better soon with the tummy pains xx

Crazybaglady72 Sat 30-Jul-16 17:50:15

I had this with my son (same age) for a full year and hes a very confident mature boy. It turned out it was the class teacher -he was stressed out as she was shouting all the time and he used to start complaining of tummy ache on Sunday tea time (id see his mood go down) and tummy ache was always night time and in the morning. He d sit in the car and cry saying he didnt want to go in - very upsetting for me too to see him like that.
I think hormones do kick in and everything is worse at that age, but its not nice. I think the tummy ache is very real for them but it might be the thing they focus on as whats wrong cos they dont know what else to say is wrong (they dont know). Keep an eye on the times its worse (emotions etc) could be shes ready for periods (especially if u were an early starter?). Hope things are improving x

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