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ocd driving me mad!!

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tireddotcom72 Sat 02-Jul-16 21:10:51

Dd nearly 13 suffers from anxiety which shows up in either cyclical vomiting syndrome or ocd!!! End of school year transition etc always stressful so I try to be patient but .... This morning I got up at 7 and cleaned entire house ( not her room) did 2 loads of washing before she even surfaced from her bed! ( she would normally help but I got fed up waiting for her to wake up!) I spent rest of day gardening came in and collapsed on sofa with a beer at 6pm! She went completely off on one because I wasn't cleaning and her friends were coming over and appArently the house was dirty disgusting etc! She then banged around cleaning a clean house making sure I knew she was doing it! Me and my beer stayed on sofa! She thinks I'm unreasonable not helping!! ( houses get dirty quicker in summer because doors and windows are open I have been informed)

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