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Best contract to give DD my old iPhone

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hillyhilly Sun 05-Jun-16 12:20:48

DD is 11, leaving junior school this summer and I have decided to give her my old iPhone for her own phone.
Does anyone have a recommendation as to the best contract please?

Obvs I don't want to pay over the odds, nor do I want her to be able to exceed the limits on data, texts etc. I am about to leave Vodafone for my own phone and I don't want to go with them.

Madlizzy Sun 05-Jun-16 12:22:37

Get her a giffgaff sim. It's payg but you can set it to auto renew. Cheap as chips

dancemom Sun 05-Jun-16 15:24:18

Giff gaff

thecapitalsunited Sun 05-Jun-16 15:34:04

I'm with Tesco and pay £10 a month for 5000 texts, 750 minutes and 1GB of data. The £10 contracts differ depending on how long you sign up for but the thing I most like is being able to set a cap on my contract and change it at any time. Normally I have it set so I can only go £5 over my contract but when I'm abroad I have it set to £40 for just in case calls. You can set it to zero if you like.

I've never had any problems with Tesco.

Cakescakescakes Sun 05-Jun-16 15:35:33

I second Tesco. Not all networks allow you to set a cap but Tesco do. I pay £10 a minute for texts, data and minutes and have a £12.50 cap. This allows me to go up to £2.50 over eg if j need extra data etc but it won't go above that until the start of the new month.

SoupDragon Sun 05-Jun-16 15:38:47

Both DSs are on Giffgaff, I'm going to switch to it and pre-teen DD will be on it when I get round to putting a sim in her phone.

I'm not sure how they'd go over the included amounts. I think they're asked if the want X more data at £X but it's a conscious choice and they know not to.

Dancergirl Mon 06-Jun-16 11:30:27

So a SIM only contract?

Tesco have some really good deals, you could pay as little as £5-£7.50 per month.

tumpymummy Wed 08-Jun-16 18:51:39

If your iPhone is unlocked you don't need a contract. As others have said cheapest option is to get a Pay as You Go sim, something like Giffgaff or Three give the cheapest rates. That's who my kids are with. Giffgaff is better if you think they will want more data, or Three if it really wont be used that much.

ShelaghTurner Wed 08-Jun-16 18:54:06

My dd1 has a giffgaff sim. Fiver a month. 250MB data but she mostly uses wifi

pixZie78 Thu 09-Jun-16 11:26:49

Giff Gaff or Tesco were no good for us because they use O2 which we can't get in our house (pretty useless then).. I did some research and at the time (last year) Virgin were offering better sim only pay monthly deals anyway.

WomanActually Thu 09-Jun-16 11:52:32

Dh and I are both on tesco, pay monthly but not contracted, dh is £12.50 (think it's going up 20 p or so though) for 2gb a month internet data, 800 mins and unlimited texts, my plan is old and I'm not sure they do it anymore but I pay £15 for unlimited calls, texts and internet.

Dh used to be on same plan as me but reduced, salesman said he shouldn't because nobody offers unlimited internet at that price without a minimum length contract and he thinks we got it in error because he could not find the plan on the system. When I was trying to switch DHs plan he almost called me a liar when I said our existing ones benefits, because he was convinced I must be on a 18 month contract and not a rolling monthly one!

Bil switched to Tesco too as he was paying double with O2 (tesco use O2s lines or whatever so signal etc is the same) for the same stuff, mil is on a £7.50 plan but I can't remember her benefits.

I like that if I can't afford I can cancel without penalty, that is can log in and change caps, you can have a higher cap set for abroad if needed, although tesco won't be charging extra for roaming anymore, you can also see fully itemised calls,texts and internet usage etc, so if your dd use her limit up quickly you can see exactly where.

I have a £2 cap because some 0845 numbers are not included in the plan and until recently my GP used one of these numbers, and I'd be charged for tax credit calls until I learned to look for the "are you calling from abroad?" number on most websites as phoning that number is in plan smile

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