Gaaah! Foul attitude in 11 yr old dd

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taptonaria27 Tue 17-May-16 17:13:32

My dd has come back from a post SATS school residential weekend and been utterly vile since e she got off the bus.
Insolent, eye rolling, verbally abusive, especially to her brother, we are all not worthy of her disdain and I'd like to put her back on the bus please!
I know this is the beginning of puberty - please send me your top survival tips urgently!!!

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TheDailyMailareabunchofcunts Tue 17-May-16 17:20:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

taptonaria27 Tue 17-May-16 17:34:12

Humph, any suggestion of early night last night was met with point blank refusal as her younger brother was watching football and she couldn't possibly go before him, I'll try again tonight as I expect you're right. There was also a to do in the room on Saturday night that I'm not convinced is completely resolved.
I know it's understandable etc etc but my goodness it's hard to live with!!!

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AmyL1234 Thu 19-May-16 16:54:39

Welcome to the next 6 years of your life! Afraid I can't offer any advice but i do wish you luckwinewine

InteriorLulu Thu 19-May-16 16:58:58

Feeling your pain. My 11 yo DD is experiencing post-SATs come-down (or something). Trying to cut her some slack, but it's really hard work. We are not fit to be scraped off the bottom of her shoe.

I've tried the early night angle, but as she's got a younger DS there's no way she's going for that.

hillyhilly Fri 20-May-16 18:41:11

Thanks both, it helps to know that we are not unusual, the week has got somewhat better but it is like she grew up (and not for the better) over the weekend.

Longsufferingmum2 Sun 22-May-16 07:22:59

Pretend she's a guest and then suddenly, because in your head she's not YOUR child, the emotional blackmail doesn't upset you and you can deal with her smoothly and without giving in. Works for me.

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