Anxiety at school- 8yo girl

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tangerino Tue 26-Apr-16 14:23:01

My daughter is generally v happy at school, doing well academically, lots of friends. However, for the last year on and off she's been getting anxious about people being told off in class, to the point that she sometimes has to go to the school nurse with stomach pains.

The school is lovely and discipline is good, so there's not a crazy amount of telling off going on, but it really bothers her. We've talked about why teachers sometime have to tell people off and about how she doesn't need to worry about other people's behaviour- if she is being good, the telling off isn't directed at her so she doesn't need to worry about it. But it hasn't really helped- she knows she's not the one being told off but the whole experience of being in a class where someone is speaking sternly upsets her.

Not really sure what to do. I have spoken to her teacher who suggested we have a chat about it (including my daughter) later in the week.

Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything like this?

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purplebud Fri 13-May-16 22:07:33

Some children are very sensitive to atmosphere, so it is hard for them to separate out the uncomfortable feelings that a telling off can bring up -even if it is not directed at her - it still makes for a difficult atmosphere.
Talk to the teacher and maybe they will have a few ideas - perhaps changing her seat in the class so she is a bit more sheltered or a little bit of pastoral care or even just the reassurance from the teacher about how they discipline the class.
I had to tackle my dds rather shouty reception teacher as she couldn't handle it at all and started refusing to go to school - it's not uncommon.

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