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11 year old DD suddenly very spotty

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Canshopwillshop Wed 13-Apr-16 21:57:15

DD has been getting the odd spot for the last few months but over the last few days, she has had a major breakout with spots on her cheeks,forehead and chin, and I'm freaking out a bit and not sure how best to tackle it.

She has been using a face wash (Amie) which is quite natural and gentle and she has been putting either sudocrem or witch hazel on the spots. She did use some of her brother's Dermol on her face a few days ago which I'm wondering whether that made things flare up a bit?? Today I bought her an oil free moisturiser also from the Amie range and I've impressed on her the importance of getting into a proper routine of face wash and moisturiser.

None of her friends seem to have many spots yet. I am worried that getting breakouts this early will mean she's more likely to develop full blown acne in her teens. At what stage should I seek medical advice?


TheAussieProject Tue 26-Apr-16 21:42:48

When I was a teenager I used to drink an herbal tea and I was one of the few in the class to be saved from the horrors of adolescence spots. Now with my 12 y boy, I do the same and he still has the odd mall red ones, probably because he does't wash his face very often, but compared to his friends, he has a perfect skin.

It is called viola tricolor, and I put a full teaspoon in a mug and leave it for 10 minutes. As the beginning the taste is quite foul, so add some honey and after a couple of weeks, especially when they see the results and they know that sugar increases spots, you DD will drink it as it is. My Ds has one of two cups per day. He now even likes to sip it while doing homework or watching tv

Give it a try.It is very inexpensive and safe . I buy it in 500 gr bags here in Australia, but I found this for you in UK
There are two viola flowers teas. Make sure to buy the viola tricolor one. Try it for 2 weeks, religiously you will be amazed.

As a household, we also have dramatically cut our sugar consumption (everything that has sugar on the packet ) and this also made a big difference I would say.

fortuneandglory Wed 04-May-16 11:09:26

take her to the docs for antibiotics if the following doesn't help:

use a simple facewash, don't bother with moisturiser and dab the spots with acnecide gel (benzoyl peroxide). Use this sparingly as a trial as it is quite strong.

change her pillowcase daily

fortuneandglory Wed 04-May-16 11:09:58

yes I agree with sugar

it does seem to inflame acne (although acne itself is not diet related)

Sunnydaysrock Wed 04-May-16 11:14:24

My DD has been through exactly this, she's just turned 12. We tried the Amie range for a while, now using Avene, a French product. Cleanance soapless cleanser is working brilliantly. Very gentle on their skin, but keeping spots at bay.

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